[Tennessee Handmade Goat Milk Soaps from Parham Farms]


Our Dairy Herd

Parham Farms - Goat Milk Soap made on our farm

Made on our farm in Ramer, Tennessee

All of our soaps are handmade in small batches with WHOLE GOAT MILK hand-milked from our
own herd. The liquid portion of our formula is all goat milk. No water is added.
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Parham Farms Sea Glass Goat Milk Soap
Sea Glass
Perfect for spring and summer, this one evokes a salty, fresh ocean breeze. Soft, clean & unisex, a favorite spa scent.
$5.00 per 4+oz bar
Parham Farms Dragonfly Moon Goat Milk Soap
Dragonfly Moon
A subtle scent, with only a hint of fresh moonflower on a warm spring breeze.
$5.00 per 4+oz bar

Parham Farms Black Raspberry Vanilla Goat Milk Soap
Black Raspberry and Vanilla
A nice blend of ripe raspberry and vanilla. Men and women both comment that this blend is perfect.
$5.00 per 4+oz bar
Parham Farms Meadow Breeze Goat Milk Soap
Meadow Breeze
back by popular demand
unisex - that subtle fresh scent that wafts across a meadow -- dried sweet hay, clean air and sunshine
$5.00 per 4+oz bar
Parham Farms Wisteria Lane Goat Milk Soap
Wisteria Lane
Smells just like the popular candle by the same name. Classic peony & feminine lily of the valley blend to create a powerful floral debut.
$5.00 per 4+oz bar
Parham Farms Butterfly Flower Goat Milk Soap
Butterfly Flower
Bright floral notes with on a base of crisp greens, smells just like a butterfly flower bush.
$5.00 per 4+oz bar
only a few are left, try adding to your cart one at a time until it says sold out
Parham Farms Wild Honeysuckle Goat Milk Soap
Wild Honeysuckle
Enjoy a touch of spring, year round with our wild honeysuckle, a fresh, natural scent - not too strong
Rose Petal Shea Goat Milk Soap
Rose Petal Shea
First, we macerate and infuse olive oil for 16 weeks with our own organically grown rose petals, then we add shea butter to our regular soap recipe. The scent is soft with a hint of green, like a freshly cut rose. This is not a rose perfume scent, this is the scent of a fresh cut floral.
$5.00 per 4+oz bar
ChamomileDreams Goat Milk Soap
Chamomile Dreams
perfect soothing and relaxing, smells like chamomile tea, includes chamomile essential oil.
$3.50 per 3+oz bar
Green TeaGoat Milk Soap
Green Tea
Soothing goat milk soap with the soft subtle scent of freshly steeped, green-tea with cream.
$5.00 per 4+oz bar
Parham Farms Cracklin Birch Goat Milk Soap
Cracklin' Birch
Everyone raves over this in person. This one will transport you down a winding country backroad. Fresh, clear, clean, country air, with the perfect blend of subtle citrus and clear floral notes, this one is as much a guy's scent as a lady's.
$5.00 per 4+oz bar
Parham Farms Pumpkin and Spice Goat Milk Soap
Pumpkin and Spice
A fall favorite, wonderful pumpkin scented soap with real pumpkin puree in the batter.
$5.00 per 4+oz bar
Parham Farms Christmas Spruce Goat Milk Soap
Christmas Spruce
Fresh cut spruce, that says it all.
$5.00 per 4+ ounce bar
Apple and Spice Goat Milk Soap
Apple and Spice Goat Milk Soap
Think Warm Apple Pie or Apple Coffee Cake
$5.00 per 4+oz bar
Unscented Parham Farms Goat Milk Soap
UNSCENTED Milk & Honey Bar
though no scent was added,
this bar smells ever so slightly of graham crackers
$3.50 per 3+oz. bar
Oatmeal Milk & Honey Parham Farms Goat Milk Soap
Oatmeal Milk and Honey
An all time favorite, warm toasted oats with sweet honey
$5.00 per 4+oz bar
Parham Farms Signature Dark Goat Milk Soap
Signature Dark
The delectable scent of toasted oats, orange zest, with almonds, creamy vanilla and a hint of cocoa. This one is loved by men and women alike and has become our Signature Fragrance for local sales.
$5.00 per 4+oz bar
sorry, this is one of our most popular bars and sales exceeded last years by more than double
The Man Soap - India Pale Ale Beer Soap
The Man Soap
Truly the scent of a handsome man. Clean and subtle notes of bergamot and grapefruit, with white floral and woody violet, grounded by the deeply sensual scent of oakmoss and sandalwood.
$5.00 per 4+oz bar
add to cart one at a time, only a few left
Sandalwood Vanilla Parham Farms Goat Milk Soap
Sandalwood Vanilla
Our most popular Unisex fragrance for 2017 - Perfectly blended, equal parts smooth- unsweetened vanilla with rich sandalwood.
$5.00 per 4+oz bar
Parham Farms Sweet Cedarwood Goat Milk Soap
Sweet Cedarwood
Unisex - Sweet vanilla cream over subtle base of himalayan cedarwood. This blend smells more "sugary" than our sandalwood vanilla. The sweet cream takes the lead in this one with the cedarwood lingering in the back.
$5.00 per 4+oz bar
Parham Farms Nautica
Nautica for Men type
We are in no way affiliated with the fragrance company that makes Nautica. This is an excellent duplicate of that handsome scent.
$5.00 per 4+oz bar
Peppermint Cooler Dead Sea Salt Bar
Dead Sea Salt Bars
Peppermint Cooler
These bars don't lather up much due to the addition of Dead Sea Salt, which many find soothing to various itchy skin conditions. We blend our goat milk soap together with Isreali sourced Dead Sea Salt and peppermint essential oil.


only pure, all natural essential oils were used to scent the following bars.

Parham Farms Tranquility Essential Oil Blemd Goat Milk Soap
Tranquility Essential Oil Blend Goat Milk Soap
a smooth and soothing unisex blend of bergamot, lime, lemon, lavender clove, geranium and bay essential oils.
$5.00 per 4+oz bar
Parham Farms Peace and Happiness Essential Oil Blend Goat Milk Soap
Peace and Happiness Blend, Essential Oil Goat Milk Soap
Geranium, Bergamot and Peru Balsam Essential Oils combine to create this uplifting blend.
$5.00 per 4+oz bar
Parham Farms Citrus and Cedar Essential Oil Goat Milk Soap
Citrus and Cedar Blend, Essential Oil Goat Milk Soap
Sweet Orange, Himalayan Cedarwood, Palmarosa, and Labdanum combine to create a fragrance that everyone loves
$5.00 per 4+oz bar
Parham Farms Lemon and Lavender Essential Oil Goat Milk Soap
Lemon and Lavender, Essential Oil Goat Milk Soap
Lemon and Lavender essential oils combined.
$5.00 per 4+oz bar
Lavender Mint Essential Oil Goat Milk Soap
Lavender Mint Goat Milk Soap
made with lavender, spearmint and peppermint essential oils
$5.00 per 4+oz bar
Breathe EasyParham Farms Goat Milk Soap
Breathe Easy
Eucalyptus and Peppermint Blend
$5.00 per 4+oz bar
Peppermint Cooler Dead Sea Salt Bar
Dead Sea Salt Bars
Peppermint Cooler
These bars don't lather up much due to the addition of Dead Sea Salt, which many find soothing to various itchy skin conditions. We blend our goat milk soap together with Isreali sourced Dead Sea Salt and peppermint essential oil.


Frozen goat milk is available in 16oz bags for those who want to try their own hand at
soapmaking. Bags are $1.00 each and must be picked up at the farm. We do not share
our exact recipe. Email soap at parhamfarms.com or message us on Facebook for more information.

COCONUT OIL, sustainably-farmed and fair trade PALM OIL, OLIVE OIL, CASTOR OIL, and occasionally
special ingredients like shea butter, cocoa butter, avocado oil, aloe vera, green tea, vegetable puree,
dead sea salt, or clay, are added to some bars and these products will appear in each product
listing and on the label. Our oils are always food grade and of organic quality whenever available
(most are). If you have concerns about an allergy, please feel free to contact us. We will NEVER use
soybean oil, wheat germ oil corn oil, peanut oil, canola oil or hydrogenated oils. Any colors/tints
used are FDA approved, and cosmetic safe. We like using mineral mica, it doesn't tint the lather,
stain the tub or leave behind any color on the skin.

Sodium or Potassium hydroxide (lye) is required in the chemical reaction called saponification,
the process of making soap. You can't convert fatty acids to soap without the use of a lye.
Detergent bars may not require lye, but they aren't natural soaps, they are synthetic detergents.
You can purchase pre-made soap base, but if it is soap, lye was used to make it. There simply
isn't another alternative. Lye may or may not appear on a product label because there are options
for labeling soap in the United States. First, soap may be labeled as "soap" and no ingredient list
is required. Secondly, you can list the ingredients used to make the soap (what went in), or you
can list the resulting end products after saponification (what's left after the chemical reaction
has occurred). For example: Coconut Oil, Palm Oil Olive oil, Water and Sodium Hydroxide might go
in the pot to make a soap, but after the chemical reaction of those ingredients balanced to
consume all of the lye and convert all of the fatty acid to soap, you'd have Sodium Cocoate,
Sodium Palmate, Sodium Olivate and water - no lye, just the fully saponified fats. The important
issue is whether there is any lye remaining in the soap after the reaction between fatty acids and the
alkali is complete. Our own recipe is carefully calculated so that there is never the possibility of lye
remaining, but rather we have an excess of fatty acids (butterfat and other oils that are not
converted to soap). Our ingredients for every batch are weighed using a digital scale to insure
precision and consistency from batch to batch.

Many people, including my own daughter can not afford to risk gluten exposure. She has
celiac disease but doesn't only react digestively. Even topical gluten exposure makes her symptomatic.

Handcrafted soaps are rich in the naturally occuring glycerin that is formed during
saponification (the process of natural soap-making). We don't choose to separate or
clarify the glycerin in our soap using alcohol but we do encourage the formation of
glycerin by insulating our molds to take advantage of the naturally exothermic reaction.

We use either pure essential oils or bath and body certified safe fragrance oils to scent our bars.
We have segregated the 100% pure essential oil soaps into a section of their own below.

We will not make claims about our products treating or curing any disease.
The FDA simply does not allow that because to do such would classify our products as drugs and and subject
them to all of the same applications, testing and clinical trials (at our cost) as any new drug. You
may see other sites list their soap and lotions as being good for various skin conditions or even
stiff joints despite the fact that these claims are not in compliance with FDA regulations.
Natural soaps and lotions may or may not be easier tolerated by those with problem skin, scents and
essential oils may contribute to reactions and sensitivity. Our only recommendation to people with
troubled skin is to ask your dermatologist or physician if a natural goat milk product might be helpful.

You may notice that we don't have bright white bars of soap, and that's due to the fact that we
don't use water, only milk for the liquid portion of our bars and when milk is heated in the process
of soapmaking, it changes from a white to a beige color. Our oils are also in part responsible as we
don't choose to use highly refined oils. The organic olive oil, palm and castor oils that we use are
of a golden hue. Only the organic coconut oil is pure white. When natural colorants, clay or mineral
mica is added to soap batter, the golden hues combine with the natural colorants to create subtle tones
of color. Also, anytime a fragrance containing natural vanillin is used, the soap browns naturally.
We choose not to use color stabilizers to prevent the natural golden and brown tones from appearing.

We cut and sell our soaps based on weight. Sometimes when pouring thicker soap batters, small air pockets,
or voids can develop inside the bar. Though our customers may never notice, we want everyone to get what they
paid for -- so we cut our soap based on the weight of the bars as they come out of the mold, not for
size or shape.

Each 20 bar batch initially weighs over 150 ounces when the slab is first released for cutting,
but as they dry/harden, they become about 33% lighter by weight. Hard bars, dry bars last longer,
even if they are a lighter weight. Natural soap is full of glycerin, and will naturally seek to
attract moisture, so it is important to use a soap dish that allows drainage and to place the bar in
an area where there is good air-flow to prolong the life of the bars when not in use.

We believe that each of us is responsible for the earth around us. How we select and use products has a
big impact on the resources of the earth both in our time and for future generations. We are dedicated to
using products and packaging of minimal environmental impact. We purchase products with minimal packaging,
we choose biodegradeable and recyclable packaging where possible and we reuse everything that we can. We
ship our products either wrapped in paper or with recycled bubble packs, and we encourage our customers to
recycle these items as well. Our lotion products are packaged in plastic bottles. We did originally try
glass, but the glass bottles were heavy, expensive and breakable and out customers stated that they would
prefer the safety, and the savings of plastic bottles. We do have customers who have paid shipping to return
plastic bottles that we have sterilized and refilled, but this effort also leaves a substantial carbon
footprint due to the energy required to return and sterilize the bottles for reuse. Usually our customers
use 'local to them' recycling options.
We don't test our products on animals. We test our products on ourselves. We never put our products in
our eyes or our animals eyes to determine a level of irritation. Our products are not supposed to go
in the eyes or on mucous membranes, so common sense tells us not to put it there. Natural soap is not tear

Email us soap@parhamfarms.com or message us on our facebook page - Parham Farms. You'll know it's us
because the profile photo is our Burgundy Seal with a goat head in the middle.

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