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We are near Selmer, TN. Please make sure that you know where that is and understand that
transportation is your responsibility.

Our email address is: dairy@parhamfarms.com Please be patient in emailing us, we don't have
internet access all over the farm, but we do try to get on the cell phone and check our email
at least once each day. You might also try messaging us on our Facebook page, it's called ParhamFarms
Inquiries about available animals are answered in the order they are
received, but deposits received via PayPal always have priority. Once a deposit or payment is received
on an animal PayPal will not allow another payment on that animal. We use this method to prevent
confusion and eliminate issues over which buyer had the first option. If you send a deposit via PayPal
you have locked in your option for that animal. We will remove an animal from the for sale page on the same
day as we receive a deposit, so if an animal is listed here and paypal allows you to make a deposit,
IT IS AVAILABLE. Please be sure and read below about deposits, they are NOT refundable if you change your
mind or refuse to pick up the animal, so do not make a deposit unless you actually intend to purchase
the animal.

If you'd like to see candid baby goat photos and follow along as the kiddings happen
you are welcome to follow our farm page on facebook (link below).

We may have two does in milk available in late July
We are offering them to customers whose kid reservations
we were not able to fill first. Parham Farms MD Pirouette 6*M
and Parham Farms Patty Wagstaff are the two does that may be available.
Pirouette is a 2nd freshener, freshened 5/14/17. We are milking twice
daily, not feeding to push for performance and getting a gallon a day from
her. Patty is a yearling first freshener, freshened in January and is
still nursing her kid, though we milk off any excess milk from her daily
we don't know exactly what her yield is at this time.
Contact us if you are interested in either of them and wish to be
considered before we make them available to the public.

These girls are not culls, we simply have more milk than we need
and more work than we can handle, so we have decided to cut the
herd back to the single foundation line that got us started with
the breed, SG Agape Oaks LOX Seraphina 2*M. Seraphina eill be
retired from breeding, but we expect to milk her through for a few
more years, and we will move forward with her progeny to provide
milk for us and a handful of kids for a few lucky people.
For the most part we plan to keep the does on extended lactation.
One of the traits in Seraphina, her dam and twin is that drying them
off is a challenge and keeping them in milk for a couple of years or
more is quite easy. So we won't have nearly as many kids available
in the future as we have in past years. We're expecting our first
grandaughter soon and our focus has changed.

you may contact us by emailing: dairy@parhamfarms.com

Sales Policy

We are located near Selmer, TN in McNairy County. Arrangements for transport
are the buyers responsibility. We will ship out of Memphis International,
buyer makes arrangements, pays for shipping, kennel and health certificate.

Regarding Sales: We reserve the right to refuse to sell our goats to
anyone for any reason. We aren't in the business of breeding goats for
profit and as such have a limited number of kids available.

We apologize in advance if our policies seem overly strict. These policies
exist because of prior experiences with persons who did not honor their
commitments, placing us in an awkward situation.

About Deposits:

a 50% deposit is required for us to hold any animal

Arrangements should be made as soon as possible for the pick up of any non-nursing
animals. Your deposit holds the animal here for 2 weeks unless
you have contacted us and made prior arrangements for a longer stay. If the animal
you have placed a deposit on stays here beyond 2 weeks, a $5 per day boarding fee will
be charged against your deposit. We will do our best to work with you, but after 4 weeks,
you forfeit the deposit and the animal will be relisted for sale.
Nursing kids are expected to stay on the farm until they can be weaned, which
is typically at 8 weeks. Kids need to be picked up by 10 weeks of age unless
prior arrangements exist to avoid a boarding fee of $5 per day beyond 10 weeks of age.

About Reservations (on unborn kids):

Reservations are $50 for each kid our of each reserved breeding
Reservations can be made by PayPal via the PLANNED BREEDINGS page.
We will accept checks in the mail, but the reservation will not be
booked until the check is received. If someone else books your
desired reservation before the check is received, you will be contacted
and the check will not be deposited but will be be voided and returned to you.

We will do our best to fill your reservation, but reserve the right to
retain any kid for our own breeding program, however we will make every
effort to satisfy reservations. Once kids are born from a reserved breeding,
we will contact those holding reservations to advise if a refund will
be issued (in the case of an unfilled reservation) or if the reserved
kid was born and a choice needs to be made (which kid) and a deposit sent.

A 50% deposit must be made within 2 weeks of birth, the reservation fee
will be applied towards the deposit. If the 50% deposit is not made by the time the
kid is two weeks old, the reservation fee is forfeited, there will be no refund, and
the kid will be offered to the next interested buyer or listed as available on the website.

The balance due must be received before the kid can be picked up. If you wait
to pay the day of pick up, you must bring cash. If you want to pay by check,
please mail the check early enough to allow 7 banking days before pickup is scheduled.

Kids must be picked up by 10 weeks of age; anything over 10 weeks will incur a $5 a day
boarding fee unless prior arrangements exist.

Should there be no kid to fill your reservation, or we feel that the kid
born is not acceptable, your money will be refunded. If we chose to terminate the sale
at any time or for any reason, all monies you have paid will be refunded. Reservation
fees and Deposits are not refunded on buyer canceled orders.

Any prices listed on the breeding page are for unborn reserved kids only.
Pricing on unreserved kids is subject to change, at our discretion, either up or


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