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Who is Parham Farms?

Ken Kathy
Zach & Julie

Ken and Kathy are the full time "resident farmers," at Parham Farms. Zach has realized his
dream of becoming a commercial pilot. He has a family of his own now and resides in Kansas.
Thankfully, Zach is only a phone call away for those times when Kathy can't get the
trackhoe to start, or when a little maintenance consult is needed via phone.
Julie and her husband are both nurses. They have moved back to the farm to raise their family
here. We’re really enjoying the luxury of having a grandchild as close as next-door.
Plus, it makes babysitting while mom and dad work a lot easier.

Kathy teaching Rain how to nap Ken
Kathy specializes in teaching the goat kids how to take proper naps. Ken loves watching the goat kids play.

Ken geting the kids into their jackets Julie showing the new kids around the yard
Ken with the kids in their jackets for their first night, an 18 degree night! Julie showing
the kids around the yard on the first warm day, when they were about a week old. Needless to say it
was really Zach who was doing all the work around here because the rest of us were goofing off with the goats
all of the time!

Zach really gets into his work
Zach was the head mechanic here at Parham Farms, he maintained our tractors,
trackhoe, trucks, cars, mowers, pretty much anything that moves or has a motor.
Whenever Zach is back on the farm, he's usually working on something. There's always
a project or two waiting on his expertise.

Zach at the 2008 Reno Air Races
Zach's first love was aviation! Here is is at the 2008 Reno Air Races. Since that time, he has met and married
his true love and is now a commercial airline pilot.