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Here we'll feature some of our favorite craft projects. We're only
just beginning to build this part of our website, so please bear
with us.

First fun project we wanted to share is Fairy Lanterns, because they are so simple!
and they make wonderful gifts too!

Homemade Fairy Lantern

Homemade Fairy Lantern

We bought lanterns for 1/2 price at Hobby Lobby, and purchased a bag
of iridescent package filling from the gift wrap section. We filled
the lamps with LED Christmas lights, one has white lights and the other
has colored lights.

We used LED lights because they stay cool. We used 50 lights in the
multicolored lantern (almost too many), but only 20 white lights in the
2nd (lower) lantern. Both strings of lights were on white wire so that
it would not show thru or cast a shadown in the shredded iridescent

First, we decided where we'd let the cord hang out, (we have to use an
extension cord to plug into a wall outlet because the cord is so short on
the LED Christmas lights). Then we put a little of the shredded iridescent
in and started layering the lights, being mindful of where we wanted the cord
to exit. When finished we were sure to pack the shredded iridescent material
down the sides well against the glass so no bulbs were directly exposed.
They turned out so precious and make great nightlights and bathroom lamps.