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Our Van Dyke Ancestry

Since my father, George P Bartlett passed away, I've been going through boxes in the attic
and found a treasure trove of photos that my grandmother, Gertrude Katheleen Van Dyke Bartlett
had stored as keepsakes. Many have names, dates and places written in her hand on the back.

I'm going to try to scan the photos and post them here, along with the notes
and history appearing on the back for anyone who might be related to be able
to share in my grandmother's keepsakes. There are quite a lot of photos and I will scan and include
them and the notes as my schedule permits

I'll also make a narrative of the lineage, and will try and remember to asterisk those persons
whose decedents are mentioned later.So that it makes it easier to follow the lines.

Alexander Van Dyke 1793-1885 had a son
Benjamin Charles Van Dyke 1838-1884 who had a son
**John Charles Van Dyke 1861-1930
Abraham Mec married Katherine Ziegler and had a daughter
**Susan C. Mec 1868 - 1941
Fannie Ziegler
This small photo was very old and scratched. It says only "Fannie Ziegler" on the back.

John Charles and Susan Mec Van Dyke

Susan C. Mec b:7/18/1868 d:10/19/1941 Herndon, PA Pulaski County, AR
John Charles Van Dyke b:1861 Williamsport, PA d:1930 N. Little Rock, AR
John Charles and Susan had the following children together:
**Charles Mec Van Dyke 7/18/1889 Piedmont, MO d:5/19/1958
Harry A Van Dyke 1888
Katie Van Dyke "Adie" 1891 (later Kate Long)
Bertie Van Dyke 1894

Pa, Ma, Bert, Lula and Kate
Pictured above are John Charles Van Dyke, Susan C Mec Van Dyke, their youngest daughter Bertie,
their daughter in law (Harry's wife) Lula, and Katie Van Dyke Long "Aunt Adie" circa 1910

John H.and Victoria Eators Bunyard

John H. Bunyard b:6/1861 married Victoria Eators b: 10/1867 in Missouri
in 1944 they were living in Palm Beach, FL with their eldest son William. I have photos
of them in Florida. I will post after I scan them.
John and Victoria's children include:
William E. Bunyard (oldest brother)
Anna Bunyard Halfacre
**Matta M. Bunyard b:11/15/1887 d:12/13/1944
Ruxy Bunyard (youngest brother, entered WWI when he was 16)

Matta M Bunyard circa 1890
Matta Bunyard circa 1890

William E Bunyard John H Bunyard with Gertrude's Dog 1925

Matta's oldest brother William E. Bunyard, above left
Matta's father, John H.Bunyard, with Gertrude's Dog - 1925 in North Little Rock. above right

Matta M. Bunyard and Charles Mec Van Dyke

Charles Mec VanDyke circa 1903 when he first started going with Matta M Bunyard Matta M Bunyard about 16 years old, 1903
Matta M Bunyard and Charles Mec Vandyke courting in 1904 Matta M Bunyard and Charles Mec Vandyke courting in 1904

The photos above are Kathy's great grandparents, Charles Mec Van Dyke and Matta M. Bunyard
the photography studio name engraved on the mat was "W.J. Roger, Piedmont, MO"
notes written in the hand of Gertrude Van Dyke Bartlett indicate that these photos
were taken when the two were courting in 1904. In the photo on the lower right Matta
is second from the left and Charles is on the far right.

Mattie M Bunyard VanDyke

Matta and Charles started courting in 1903 at age 16
and were later married. They had three children together:
Robert George Van Dyke b: 1905
Byron Russell Van Dyke b: 1907
**Gertrude Katheleen Van Dyke B:9/19/1909
in 1923, Matta and Charles traveled with her parents to visit Matta's brothers
William, who lived in Palm Beach, FL and Roxy (Roxbury) who lived in Mobile, AL
Bunyards visit to AL and FL 1923
Above l to r. Charles Mec Van Dyke, Mrs. William Bunyard, Matta Bunyard Van Dyke, Victoria Eators Bunyard
William Bunyard Palm Beach, FL 1923

Above Right shows Charles Mec Van Dyke, Queen Victoria Eaton Bunyard, Matta Bunyard Van Dyke
and her brother William E "Bill" Bunyard on his boat in Palm Beach.

Gertrude Katheleen VanDyke Graduation Photo 1926 Byron R Van Dyke, Army Air Corps 1944
Matta Bunyard VanDyke Family

George T Bartlett and Gertrude VanDyke Bartlett

Spring 1942 Gertrude and George with baby 'PeeWee'
4 generations, Queen Victoria Eaton Bunyard holding 'PeeWee' 4 generations

Gertrude Katheleen Van Dyke married George Talmadge Bartlett in 193?
**their only child, George Philip Bartlett was born 12/11/1940.

George Philip Bartlett b:12/11/1940, d:8/15/2011 married
Dorothy Carol Bridger b:2/11/1942 d:3/31/2012
George and Carol were married 6/30/1961 at Colonial Baptist Church in Memphis, TN
their first of two daughters, Dorothy Katheleen Bartlett born in 1963.
Katheleen married Marshall W. Martin Jr. in Reno, NV 1985, and had two children of this marriage
Zachary Warren Martin (1991) and Julia Christine Martin (1993).
In 2001, Katheleen remarried Kenneth Rex Parham.

On 6/7/2013, the oldest of Katheleen's children, Zachary Warren Martin
was united in marriage to Anna Pauline Velasquez, in Salina, KS.
On 1/28/2017, the youngest of Katheleen's children, Julia Christine Martin
was united in marriage to Benjamin Jacob Davidson.

George and Carol Bartlett had a second daughter, Andrea Michelle Bartlett in 1969. Andrea married
Mark Davis McIntosh in 1989, they had three children together, Sean Davis McIntosh (1992),
Jamie Carol McIntosh (1995) and Kayley Michelle McIntosh (1998).