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Everybody loves babies!

Proverbs 27 Hide the Wind & Proverbs 27 Contentious Rain Scarlet with Wind & Rain
Wind and Rain

Ken with Ruth's twins Blue Storm
Ruth's twins; Ice and Storm

Cookie's Triplets
Tizzy, Price and Fury 9

Dollop's Twins Cadillac & Mercury
Cadillac and Mercury

Agape Oaks CK Take A Chance with her triplets
from left to right: Fernando, Winnie, Chance and Trouper, just a couple of hours old!

Proverbs 27 Fernando, Super Trouper & Winner Takes It All
left to right: Fernando, Trouper and Winnie, 2 weeks old

Winnie looks smashing in her pick sweater
Winnie looks smashing in her pink sweater

Proverbs 27 Caramel Kiss with her mom Proverbs 27 Rebekah
Proverbs 27 Rebekah (left) with her newborn doeling, Proverbs 27 Caramel Kiss

Tiramisu in the back, Cream Puff in the middle and Salt Water Taffy at the front/right
Ruth's triplets find a cozy spot under the bench to snuggle

Triplets all trying to nurse at the same time
Ruth's triplets can't seem to accept that there are only two teats under there.

front top clockwise: Ruth, Tiramisu, Taffy & Cream Puff
Ruth with her youngsters

front left: Cream Puff,with Tiramisu while Tizzy & Chloe look on
Cream Puff and Tiramisu pose for a picture while Tizzy and Chloe watch

Proverbs 27 Peanut Butter
Minutes old, Minimancha buckling Proverbs 27 Peanut Butter has stolen our hearts

from left, eClaire, Lemon Meringue, Peanut Butter & Oatmeal Cookie peeking from the rear as Cookie tucks her kids in on their first night
Always the diligent mom, Cookie keep a close watch over her new kids.

Layla on the left and Teddy on the right
Two of Scarlet's triplets share a tender moment.

Ken with Ruth's quadruplet bucks
Ken with Ruth's quadruplet bucks, from left Baxter, Curly, Tiny & Blackie.

Tiny Timmy asleep on Julie
Tiny Timmy falls asleep on Julie's face while waiting for his turn with the bottle.

Parham Farms DT Bella
Bella sucks on a finger for a pacifier :)

Parham Farms DT Bella & Stella napping
Chance's girls napping, Bella is on the left, Stella on the right,
and Ella is on the far right partially out of the frame.

Parham Farms DT Bella & Stella napping
Chance's quadruplets.

Parham Farms DT Patrick
Parham Farms DT Patrick smiling for the camera

Parham Farms DT Patrick making a new friend
Parham Farms DT Patrick makes friends with Nilla Wafer :)

Parham Farms DT Ella exploring the great outdoors
Parham Farms DT Ella exploring the great outdoors.

Parham Farms DT Stella with Ella
Parham Farms DT Stella samples the new growth wild honeysuckle.

Pizzazz's doeling, Daffodil
Pizzazz's doeling, Daffodil

Trifle Cupcake

Hot Dog Captain Crunch Jubilee
Cookie's triplets, Hot Dog, Captain Crunch and Jubilee

Parham Farms 2012 Nigerian Dwarf Kids
Francesca, Casanova, Comet and Celeste - two sets of twins born the same afternoon.

Parham Farms OM Adele sings Parham Farms OM McCartney
Adele sings, above left while McCartney explores the backyard.

Parham Farms DM Celestial Glow
Tiny Celeste napping

Parham Farms MD Owl Moon
Hootie was named for the owl emblazoned on his side.

dairy goat kids after disbudding
Ken loves those baby snuggles